FBN Was Developed To Solve A Problem All SEOs Have

The “Holy Grail” of SEO is getting contextual links from relevant, high authority sites and pages. This is the only thing that ALL SEOs can agree on. It is the only guaranteed SEO method. Use it to rank your sites and make sales and commissions!

The best backlinks for SEO are contextual links, FACT! What’s a “contextual” link? It’s when you have a backlink occurring naturally in the text content of a page, like inside an article or a WordPress post. These are much better than footer or sidebar links.

Why? Because contextual links look natural to Google. They don’t think building hundreds of forum profile links looks natural, and they don’t think people link naturally with footer links. And they are right!

Contextual links are what made web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and Livejournal popular with SEOs, because you can get an keyword rich anchor text link right inside the text content of the page. Golden!

But more and more of these web 2.0 sites we want to build links on are becoming NoFollow! The list of great free places to put links is shrinking! This makes finding the best links difficult.

We need to stop relying on big sites, they don’t want our links and they are getting better at stopping us! We need a link source we can control, that won’t delete our work, that won’t make our links and pages “no-follow“, or worse “no-index“!

So, the big question is…

How Can We Control Do-Follow Contextual Backlinks?

The Options Available Before FBN Was Created

  • You could buy links
  • Owning Your Own Private PR network
  • Public Blog Networks

You could buy links

It works! But there are several issues:

1. Often the links you can buy are in unnatural places i.e: sidebars, blog rolls, page footers etc.

2. Many of these sites are listed on link selling platforms. It’s not a good idea to buy links from websites that scream from the rooftops: “We sell links!”

3. It’s expensive! You usually have to rent links monthly, and you have to buy links one at a time for every money site! It’s not a very scalable solution.

Owning Your Own Private PR network

This is what the big boys do, and it works very well if done correctly:

1. VERY expensive to set up. You have to find and host all sites separately and make them unique too.

2. Size does matter! Small Private networks are great if you have just one money site, or even two. But if you have 10, then you risk creating footprints across small networks because all the sites link to the same places! More sites means more expense!

3. You take all the risk. If you’ve made a footprint accidentally and Google destroys your entire network, there’s no where to go! You have to start all over from scratch, acquiring new high PR sites etc.

Public Blog Networks

Until the beginning of 2012, public blog networks were massive. They were relatively cheap and spread risk and expense, and had great short term gains. Many people were banking thousands of dollars a month just by using blog networks before the major players were taken out by Google.

1. Their size that was part of their downfall. Some of them had 30,000 websites which made them a big target!

2. No niche relevance, no control, and often you didn’t even know where your backlinks were!

3. Everyone is linked together. I explain how devastating this is in the 3 minute video further down this page.

  • Buying links one at a time is not a long term solution
  • We could build personal networks, but that’s expensive and hosting all the sites is hard work
  • We could use big public blog networks, but there is so much risk involved and also a lack of control

But what if we could mix these ideas? To get the best of all the techniques without the hassle?

This is the system we’ve created!

We have taken the very best bits from blog networks and private networks, and we have built a peer-to-peer system where YOU can have total control. But don’t worry, if you’re not interested in creating networks, you can simply join one. It’s very easy, all you need is one WordPress website. It’s up to you!

We’ve researched and dissected linking strategies and designed a system that mimics “guest blogging” and our current members have already seen AMAZING ranking jumps (some of the graphs are shown on the homepage).

In summary, when compared to the other options FBN is…

  • Get killer ranking gains that will make you money!
  • Spread risk and expense on a peer-to-peer basis to save yourself big money!
  • Control niche relevance, PageRank, unique content and so many other options
  • Stay safe and under the radar with our privacy options

System Features



Let Us Show You How!

This all may sound complicated at first but we have training videos and they are all very short and concise because we know no one has time to watch videos all day!

All you need to do is add a “feeder” WordPress site (NOT one of your money sites), which we show you how to do in less than 5 minutes from scratch!

Then submit your content with your links in and the system will send them out to the network sites. These will become some of the very best backlinks you have.

We also have a members’ forum where all the training videos and PDFs are and you have one-on-one access to me directly. Ask me all your SEO questions, I’ve made more than 3000 posts on our forum already.

We have case studies for lead generation sites, Black Hat link building techniques and more. We have honest product reviews WITHOUT any affiliate links, and will tell you which web hosting and other SEO related services you need to AVOID!

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