I still don’t understand, how does FBN work?

How Fightback Network works

How Fightback Network works

What happens after I buy?
We send you 3 emails:
1. The first email contains your FBN login details. This is sent to your payment email address. Please check your spam folders if you use GMail. This is where you can log in and post links etc.
2. You will see a form after payment, use it to choose your forum username. After you opt into the list there is a welcome email, explaining where you get support. Don’t worry if you don’t see this form for some reason, there is a link to it on the homepage of your member dashboard when you log in.
3. The 3rd email is confirmation of your login details for the private support forum, where you can meet other members who want to build strong networks! The tutorial videos are in the support forum, but please allow up to 12 hours to get your forum access details. These are processed manually, and will usually be done within a few hours except when it’s sleeping time in the UK!

Is there an upsell?
No, no upsells or O.T.Os.

Do we have to add our own blogs?
Yes you have to add at least one blog but NOT your money sites! We use “feeder” blogs. So you create a simple site to earn points with. There is no PR or age requirement, any WordPress blog will be fine, we have a very random collection of sites.
You can get a domain for $6-9, and you can find free hosting at cloudflare or if you don’t want to buy new hosting for a feeder blog.
We do automated checks when blogs are entered (check to see if it’s indexed and not banned for example). The reason we have members enter at least one blog is because we have many niche networks. We cannot give out “general” posting points, you have to stake a claim in a niche by submitting one WordPress blog to that niche network. Otherwise, we would just be the same as all the other “networks”!

We do not sell posts, it would be unfair to our members. You can only use FBN if you join a network with a WordPress blog.

Where can I buy PR domains?
You don’t need PR domains to join FBN. But if you want to join networks that are PR 3+ only (for example) then you can buy PR domains from a third party supplier from inside the dashboard.

If we end our monthly subscription, do we lose all of our existing back links?
No. We don’t delete your work

Do I get more posting points for higher PR domains?
No (but wait a minute let me explain!), although that practice is “normal” in blog networks, it’s not natural and here’s why:
I always thought the whole “PR=more points” thing is kinda dumb. If you have a PR4 blog, do you want 5 PR 0 links, or one PR4 link? Obviously you want the high PR link right?
The reason other networks did this “more PR= more posts” system is because they had no other way of getting people to submit higher pr blogs otherwise.

Our framework means you can join networks that ONLY accept high quality blogs. Keep the riff-raff out, ya know? PR4s are expensive, so put them in a PR4 network, don’t share them with PR0 networks. This way you get less posts, but the posts are worth a whole lot more. We concentrate on quality at FBN.

However, I do get lots of people putting PR1-PR3 into our PR0 minimum networks. But PR3-5 blogs mainly get put into high PR networks.

Can I add subdomains as feeder blogs and earn credits with it?
We don’t allow subdomains, in order to prevent abuse the WordPress feeder blogs need to be on the main domain. However, add-on domains are fine even though they’re not in the top level of the public_HTML folder.

Tell me more about post moderation
These are some of the things we check:

  • word count
  • must be English language
  • sometimes copyscape pass (depends on network settings, not every network requires this)
  • 3 link limit per post
  • No more than one link to each domain from the same post
  • posts are sent to blog categories, not just “uncategorized”
  • tags are added to posts
  • we support images and videos

What sort of networks are available right now?
We have lots of private networks that are not on the grid. The list below are the largest of the “semi-private” networks that are visible in the members area. We have many other networks but they are still small and are just getting started. People are seeing fantastic results using the ones below:

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