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Fightback Networks Is The World’s First

Blog Network Platform

With FBN Platform you can access dozens of peer-to-peer blog networks from one dashboard.

You use posting points to publish articles to the network you joined. You insert links into these articles to any webpage you want (Money Site, Youtube, etc). This will improve your SEO.

  • We have HomePage Backlink (HPBL) networks & traditional blog networks
  • FBN is a peer-to-peer blog network platform. Each network has its own rules.
  • You can join existing networks and/or create new networks. You simply connect a wordpress blog to our system and choose a network to join. You can then post articles to that network every day.
  • You do not put your main money/business sites into the system, but you can build links to anywhere you want.

okay, but what is a blog network?

A blog network is a group of blogs you can post articles to. The backlinks in the articles you send will increase your search engine rankings. This is a very powerful SEO technique because you get backlinks that are do-follow and contextual (appearing naturally in text context).

There are 2 types of blog networks:
  • Blog networks where all the blogs are owned by one person or company.

  • Blog networks made up of blogs contributed by its members. This is the Co-Op or peer-to-peer model. FBN uses this model, but we have taken it much further and combined other unique methods of structure and execution to make FBN the most secure link exchange.

Fightback Networks Is Not Just Another Blog Network

  • FightBack Networks is not just a single blog network, it’s a portal that contains mainly separate blog networks made by us and our members. Unlike other “blog networks”, there is no “central” access. This point cannot be emphasized enough, it means that FBN operates in a unique way that makes it safer and more powerful than other SEO products on the market.
  • Each FBN network has its own rules, and members can only post to the networks they have joined. This makes using our system much safer than using mass link-spamming tools, and much safer than any other “blog network”.
  • There is no other service like FBN. The reason we have built this system is to overcome the challenges that other “normal” blog networks have.

real people, real testimonials

  • Rankings for many keywords in January 2015

  • From 0 to 16,000 unique visitors in 3 months...

  • 10 sites, 50 links each, $2,743 in first 3 weeks !

    Quick progress with large cloaking sites and longtail keywords using FBN.

  • SMkiran

    Ranking #4 for  a 12,100 search term within a few weeks, in 2015.

  • Motphim

    It took me one week to add sites and figure out how things work but after that it’s a breeze. Now I rank top 3 for extremely competitive search terms in my local SEO. Seen below is an image of my improvements.

get started today!

  • beginner

    • Add up to 10 sites
    • Link to anywhere you want
    • Get up to 600 high quality links per month (when 10 sites are added)
    • 30 day no-risk refund period
    • Our most popular plan


    Per Month
  • hero

    • Add up to 100 sites
    • Link to anywhere you want
    • Up to 6,000 high quality links per month (when 100 sites are added)
    • 30 day no-risk refund period
    • Create your own networks


    Per Month
  • premium

    • Coming in 2017


All written testimonials and rankings graphs on this page are genuine customer testimonials that can be verified on request. We are not responsible for the actions of third parties including (but not limited to) Google Inc, Yahoo! Inc. This service is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, any search engine. We cannot guarantee that everyone will see the results shown in the testimonials, but we have never yet seen a site that did not benefit from our service and this includes sites that have previously been penalized!