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What Is A Blog Network?


A blog network is a group of blogs you can post articles to. The links in the articles you send will increase your search engine rankings. This is a very powerful SEO technique because you get backlinks that are do-follow and contextual (appearing naturally in text context). There are 2 types of blog networks.

  1. A blog network where all  the blogs are owned by one person or company.
  2. A blog network made up of blogs contributed by its members. This is the Co-Op or peer-to-peer model. FBN uses this model, but we have taken it much further and combined other unique methods of structure and execution to make FBN the most secure link exchange.

But FightBack Networks is not just a blog network!

FightBack Networks is not just a single blog network, it’s a portal that contains mainly separate blog networks made by us and our members.  Unlike other “blog networks”, there is no “central” access.  This point cannot be emphasized enough, it means that FBN operates in a unique way that makes it safer and more powerful than other SEO products on the market.

Each FBN network has its own rules, and members can only post to the networks they have joined. This makes using our system much safer than using mass link-spamming tools, and much safer than any other “blog network”.

There is no other service like FBN. The reason we have built this system is to overcome the challenges that other “normal” blog networks have.

Access dozens of peer-to-peer blog networks from one dashboard.

A Visual Overview Of How FBN Works

FBN is a peer-to-peer blog network platform. Each network has its own rules. You can join existing networks and/or create new networks.

You simply connect a wordpress blog to our system and choose a network to join. You can then post articles to that network every day.

You do not put your main money/business sites into the system, but you can build links to anywhere you want.

Why Is FBN The Best High Quality Link Source?

  • Niche Specific

    Get links from relevant niche blogs and networks. Some examples of our categories: Travel, Electronics, Internet/Telecomms, Beauty/Medical and many more.

    You can also have FBN send network posts to categories on your own sites.

  • High PR

    Each network has it’s own rules, we have many PR2+, PR3+ and PR4+ only networks.  This means if you want to join a high PR network, you can be sure the only people using it have already contributed high quality sites. You can also join with a PR0 blog, and we also have many PR1-5 sites in our PR0 networks too.

  • Incredible Value

    Do the math. You can get 60 High PR links per month for: $40 (2 PR2 sites) + $19 (membership fee) = $59 for the first month, and $19 for every month afterwards. This means you can get 720 high PR backlinks for $0.37 each over the course of a year, and you don’t even need to write your own content…

  • Sick Of Writing Articles?

    Our paid members get access to our Auto-Content feature.  We use a complex process to provide unique content for you for free. It does not look like it’s written by a person, but each paragraph is themes and they can be edited quickly.

    We don’t use PLR or ArticleBuilder, or any other content source that has been heavily abused.

  • Safe

    SEO professionals know that all forms of link-building carry a certain level of risk.  Every service or SEO product you have ever seen or have used involves some risk.

    FBN was designed from the ground up with protection in mind.  We have invented new techniques to increase security. There are no footprints in FBN content, or in our WP plugin.

  • Control

    Many SEO services “hope for the best”.  We think and plan ahead. We’ve made it possible for you to delete your links at any time by clicking one button! We don’t think you will ever need to use this unique feature, but it’s there for your peace of mind if you ever make a mistake.

    This is just one of the many dozens of control feature we boast.

More testimonials…

I made my first post to FBN on November 9th, and now less than 2 months later, I am ranking #5 on the first page of Google for a keyword that gets 70k plus searches per month, and #2 on the first page of Google for another keyword that gets about 10k searches per month.
When I started first building links I was getting less than 10 visitors per day and hadn’t made a dollar yet – and it sucked! Now I’m averaging well over 600 unique visitors per day (almost 900 one day!) and during the last week, I’ve made a steady average of $25 per day in affiliate commission!
There is absoutely no way I would have been able to do this without FBN and I strongly recommend anyone considering, to SIGN UP FOR IT TODAY! It will take a bit of figuring out at first, but Mikey and the crew makes it extremely easy to learn everything you need to know. If you don’t take advantage of the leverage FBN offers you, you will be absolutely left in the dust – by people like me!

FBN rankings

I built 4 little affiliate sites in June… all their charts look similar in terms of traffic stats since joining FBN and “Royale with Cheese” [a network created by an FBN member].
Sales are increasing every week too, I’m very happy…

When I first saw the whole auto content idea, I was a bit skeptical…but I heard from a few people on another board that Mikey knows his stuff and has a good history of getting things right. So I was patient and watched what was happening in the auto content section.I’ve been impressed to see the improvements in the auto content feature and now when I log in to my account, I see my daily posts created for me, each of which takes me less time to fix, add images and video and submit-than it took me to write this post.This is a really valuable service guys – Bravo.

Fightback Network is amazing, it’s the only place where I can leverage my completely private network of sites 10 fold. I can say that a small number of Fightback Links repeatedly caused my sites go from nowhere to the 1st page in about 2 weeks for a medium competition keywords ~ post penguin 2.0.

I took your advise, giving each of my clients at least one auto campaign daily post.

Now I just need more posts!

Thanks for providing this great service, it’s doing wonders for my clients rankings.

All I know is that the program is working for me. I’m very happy with your service and I believe in what you are doing. I know that there are no guarantees in this business but it’s obvious that you are doing everything you can to reduce footprints and provide all of us with a system that’s as seamless as possible.

FBN has become an integral part of my overall strategy as I learn this business and develop my own business model. My rankings are improving and the traffic to my affiliate sites are reaching all time highs with steady sales.

I’m looking forward to hiring some help soon so I can expand my participation with FBN and grow my business. Thank You for what you are doing… and keep up the good work!

Im writing this review, not because anyone asked me too, but because i’m seeing amazing results and thought you should know.
So far i have submitted around 5 pages x 25 articles but that’s out of the norm i think. I’m pushing at least 5 different websites in very competitive niches.
A year ago i was on page 1 for a very competitive keyword and stayed there till April of [2012]. Panda hit multiple times then came Penguin and i slowly dropped down to page 4. I tried literally everything and could not get my listing to move from page 4. It even dropped as low as page 6 and i thought eventually it would vanish.

I bought a bunch of services from the buy/sell thread and those only kept me hovering. Then i decided to try FBN. After about 5 weeks of submitting articles and links i am now back on page 1 position 8 and i don’t believe i could have gotten there any other way other than using FBN. A year ago the search results were 20million. Right now the search results are 61million. Just to give you some idea of how competitive this keyword is. At the same time, im pushing 4 or 5 other websites and my results are amazing. I have multiple listings on page 1, 2, 4 and below and they are moving upwards daily.
If you haven’t joined yet, im wondering what your waiting for? The only way you can go right now is UP. And if you were hit by Penguin, you should be able to get your rankings back quickly using FBN and some dilution of your anchor. Good luck to all!

It took me one week to add sites and figure out how things work but after that it’s a breeze. Now I rank top 3 for extremely competitive search terms in my local SEO. The attached file is just an example (above).

Get The Best Backlinks & Rocket Your Rankings Now!

$47.00per month
  • Add up to 100 sites
  • Link to anywhere you want
  • Up to 6000 high quality links per month
  • Articles written for you
  • 30 day no-risk refund period
  • Create your own networks
You can create your own private networks, and choose whether or not to share with other members. You can also have 100% private, unlisted invite only networks!

Need To Know More?

No problem!  FBN is so packed with features that we couldn’t possibly cover everything on this page.  We recommend using the Free membership option to get access to our support forum and training videos so you can start building links today!

You will see rankings improvement just by using the Free membership, but if you would rather read more about our service then click here to see our features page.